ENG.CO.CZ s.r.o provides engineering services and expertise to clients in the energy and production sector. We focus on establishing and developing long term relationships with our clients, and through this collaboration we help them deliver asset management programs, project portfolios and capital plans that are consistent with their business strategy.

Project Design Center

We develop innovative bespoke designs that meet our clients safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance requirements. We develop ideas from an early conceptual stage through to detailed design. We also provide engineering & technical support during project installation and commissioning. We deliver project close out for our clients to ensure all required project documentation has been provided and managed.

PDE - Project Development Engineer

Our PDEs provide project development services. The PDE works closely with the asset stakeholders and business development stakeholders. Together they identify clients‘ asset difficiencies, non compliances, and business development opportunities and advance these to viable project concepts/ideas. In close co-ordination with the asset owner representative, the PDE supports the developement of ideas into projects by assessing the Objective, HSSE, Cost and Schedule. Our objective is to enable our clients to rank their projects appropriately based on our cost, benefit and schedule estimates.

Asset Management

Our Operational Excellence program provides standardized work processes and tools to deliver a consistent global view of all assets in multiple facilities. This ensures that standard procedure documents, maintenance records and inspection reports are readily available and asset documents are as built and evergreen, eg. 3D-piping surveys.

Our team also assists with the development of repetitive Planned Maintenance routines across global assets in compliance with local regulatory requirements.

PM - Project Management

Our PMs provide Project Management services from the planning stage through design, construction, commissioning and project close out phases. Their goal is to successfully deliver projects, achieving the clients project objectives by closely managing project scope, safety, quality, cost, schedule, compliance and ensuring a seamless handover to our clients.

Document Control

The Document Management team provide a range of support and services based on the needs of the project or client. Our team can work remotely within an existing external system upholding quality standards via the use of revision control, transmittals, control document reviews and distribution. Properly managed documentation is vital to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and result in satisfactory close out and handover.

Our team can advise on best practises for managing your documents and other information.

Project Controls

Responsible for working within all stages of project management. The primary role is to work closely with project managers to ensure that all budgeting, scheduling and coordination processes run smoothly. Monitor project progress to ensure that it is working within the confines of set deadlines and budget limitations and generating progress reports to managers. Make suggestions for improvements to project operations as needed. Norms Database development and estimate including stress testing of estimates. Work with the client to develop KPIs that drive continuous improvement. Earned value reporting and analysis to monitor productivity. Estimate and schedule reviews and assessment.


Data Analysis & Smart Tools Development

Develop and manage metrics, dashboards, regular and ad-hoc data reporting related to Service Contract Agreements and Installed Base using Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI, Spotfire, Excel, Access. Develop and maintain custom tools as required by the Client. Collaborate with cross functional client teams to identify problem areas with existing client databases and build systems that organically fit the existing system to provide a custom solution. For example, reporting & data analysis tools to validate data in SAP through reporting visuals.

Sharepoint Designer

Create User Interface Applications, Test Software, Write and Modify Code, Debug Software, Solve Technical Issues. Build scalable and secure applications, either as standalone interfaces or those that require access to servers. Test software and ensure that the code runs properly. Before an application can go to a client, the software must be tested and debugged thoroughly to check for any errors or glitches. Write and modify code to build applications and sites for clients based on their needs and requirements. Provide ongoing support, work with clients to fix any issues as they arise. Work with clients to resolve any technical issues they may have and create enhancements that will better serve their needs.


Operational and Project Audits

Our experienced team can offer expert advice on operational risks to our clients. We can perform operational and project readiness audits and perform gap analysis when compared to industry best practices eg. operational excellence performance, shutdown/turnaround plans, project start-up readiness, project integration plan assessment. We can also work with our clients to develop programs to address and close any gaps identified during our audits.

Facility/Depot Decommissing

Our team can offer advice or project manage the decommissioning & removal of redundant plant facilities and oil depots. Working with the client, we will identify the extent of the decommissioning scope and develop plans, schedules and a budget for such a project. We can manage all associated works and contractors involved in the decommissioning of plant facilities or depots on behalf our clients, and return to green field site condition if required.